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The NeatRackTM
brings organization to the Inspired Classroom by creating close-to-desk organizers that can support desktop computers.


Problem: Inspired Classrooms provide ZERO personal space when used with tables

The NeatRack Solution:

  • Creates personal student space
  • Reduces classroom distractions
  • Limits movement of students
  • Provides a more organized learning environment

NeatRacks are $119.00 and come complete with:

  • One rack
  • Four unassembled NeatNooks
  • Four pre-cut boards for shelving
  • Double-sided tape to secure boards
  • Free shipping for continental US

NeatRack Disclosure: The racking system used in the NeatRack is not manufactured by NeatNook School Desk Organizer. It is the ALGOT shelving system manufactured by IKEA®. The ALGOT racking system is not endorsed or sold by IKEA and is in no way modified. Please click here for complete details.