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NeatNook is the fundraiser with a purpose.

As one parent said,

"So let me get this straight. My child needs to have this,
I want my child to have it, and the school financially benefits from it...that's a no brainer!"

Any time is a great time to bring NeatNooks to your school. Whether it’s the beginning of the year, parent/teacher night, or a school event mid-year, displaying and discussing the NeatNook with parents is always profitable for school fundraising.

To help the PTA and PTO members, we have posted resources for you to use and personalize for your school’s very own NeatNook fundraising campaign.

Download any of the links:

Pre-sale School Order Form
School Flyer
Fold-over Table Top Display
Assembly Instructions
Display Board
(planogram and prints for 4' x 3' display board)

Grant Template Coming Soon!