Hi, I’m Sandy and as a teacher for over 20 years, I’ve watched elementary school students struggle to keep both themselves and their desks organized. A messy desk not only impacts a child’s ability to focus on learning but also their self confidence necessary to meet life’s various challenges.

Year after year, I have implemented strategies to help my students stay organized, but none of them worked effectively. As I was cleaning out yet another student’s desk, I continued to ask myself what I could do to solve this problem once and for all!

I went home that night and shared an idea with my husband, and the creation of the NeatNook School Desk Organizer became our focus. In creating our company, we also believed that our business needed to support the core causes we are so passionate about.

We built the NeatNook and our company to incorporate six goals, where:

1. Our Students develop life-long organizational skills that build a foundation for their future success.
2. Our Teachers maximize their classroom teaching opportunities through organization and efficiency.
3. Our Schools can use NeatNooks as a fundraiser and receive free units to help economically challenged students.
4. Our Environment is respected because NeatNooks are made from 65% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.
5. Our Economy is boosted by ensuring that Neat Nook is manufactured in the USA.

Our Community is enriched by Adults with Developmental Disabilities earning a living wage while proudly shipping each order.

Our goal is to make NeatNooks affordable and available to students everywhere. We also strive to have a company that our customers, family, friends, and fellow teachers can be proud of. And personally, I am happy to know I’ll never ever have to clean out another student’s desk again.

Keeping it Neat,

Sophie, my love and one of our official
NeatNook Student Advisors