There's Finally a Solution to Help Students Organize Their School Desk! 


Introducing NeatNook, a revolutionary tool that enables 1st through 5th grade students to make it Neat2Learn.  We believe kids should be able to learn organizational skills at a young age to set them up for lifelong success, and tackling the school desk challenge provides them with a huge sense of achievement. 


The reason our children have a hard time keeping their books and supplies organized is the design of the desk itself – a large, empty cavity just begging for something to solve the ‘mess in the desk’ syndrome that challenges teachers and students every day.


Teacher and mom designed, student, parent, school and PTA-tested and approved, for as little as $6.46 your school can offer this gift that gives a lifetime of benefit to EVERYONE.  And, NeatNook is a true fundraiser with a purpose.


We encourage you to learn more about the new NeatNook School Desk Organizer. Join in our passion, share the idea with your school, and enter our conversations on Facebook as we get started on the journey to change classrooms forever.


School & Teacher Benefits

• Improved Efficiency
• Focus on Teaching, Not Cleaning
• Stronger Student Focus
• Faster Desk Relocation
• Fundraiser that Parents WANT

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Student Benefits

• Learn Organization Skills Early
• Builds Self-Confidence!
• Sense of Achievement!
• Better Focus!
• Academic Success!

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The NeatNook Community

• Eco-Friendly Design
• Championing Economically-Challenged Students
• US-Based Manufacturing and Jobs
• Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
• Partnering with PTAs to Enhance Education

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